<%flags> inherit => undef <%doc> TODO: Fix bug where qix sometimes gets covered with blue. Add debug mode by typing 'd', which will print out useful stuff and pause whenever it is in graft(), and perhaps draw fat lines to show the perimeter and also note the endpoint of the qix that was sampled When qix endpoint is out-of-perimeter, reset it to someplace in perimeter Don't let drawn path be self-intersecting Adjust speed of qix + spark by controlling both 'speed' and framerate. Add "sparx" Add intro screen that explains how to play Add more-impressive graphics to show you where you are, and when you die Add sound effects -- see "simon" game Ask about why background flashes onclick -- is there a way I can turn that off, or put my click detector on a different object? QIX by Vinq.com


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QIX by VINQ.com/weGame