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iPhone games from VINQ.com

Qix Doodle
These iPhone games were created by Mark Torrance, Al Chang, Barney Pell and Jacob Balthazar in a 24 hour period at the iPhone Dev Camp held in San Francisco July 6-8, and first demoed at the Hack-a-thon there.

To play Qix, treat the whole screen like a giant joypad. Touch near the top to go up, near the left to go left, etc. Expect some delay after each click; watch for the screen to flash as your click is registered. Rotate the phone to see the credits. There are some known bugs and missing features; we're working to make it better so check back tomorrow!

Doodle tries a different model: you click on "Steer", then use the grey circle onscreen as a giant joystick. Touch to make the cursor draw at any angle; touch close to the crosshair to draw slow, or far from the crosshair to draw fast. Use other buttons to change color or line thickness. We plan to make this a multiuser drawing app soon as a proof of concept.

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