User Centered Design

Our design team will help you to arrive at a design that not only meets your target customers' needs but is also an elegant and refined solution. Our in-house expertise in user research, user interface design, visual design, and usability testing will ensure that your applications match and exceed your users' expectations.
We work closely with each customer to define their target audience, understand users goals and task flow, and then design a customized UI that meets those needs. Finally, to ensure that the end product is usable and intuitive, the designs are tested and improved through one or more rounds of usability testing.

Our process follows these "3 D" design phases: Understanding the target audience and user roles, and the needs and goals of those users Defining personas, task flow and information architecture Conceptualizing designs through sketches, storyboards, and scenarios; Iterating and refining design approaches; Usability testing to uncover and address usability problems