Vinq leverages both commercial and open source software solutions as well as custom engineering to deliver a flexible, supportable, scalable infrastructure that is able to grow as our clients' needs grow.  Domain expertise extends from rapid extreme prototyping in C or Ruby on Rails to mobile application support including browser optimization for display on iPhones.

We employ standards-compliant software, including application servers, web servers and web services. We also focus on highly interoperable sites, choosing technologies that work well for low bandwidth, low resolution, low colordepth clients where required. We favor good information architecture over flashy design, believing that most web-site users are looking for substance over style.

Vinq has developed several proprietary technologies in the course of completing projects for our clients, and we offer these technology solutions as part of our consulting practice.
STRETCH is a patented information visualization system that can be used to view and navigate large amounts of hierarchical data. The tool allows for dynamic exploration of large trees which can be manipulated on the fly. Each tree has its own unique shape depending on the structure of the underlying data. STRETCH gives form to otherwise hidden relationships and so functions as an interactive map providing deeper understanding of your data and quicker information retrieval. STRETCH can be used to make your data accessible in a whole new way.
Our VINE engine leverages the modest editorial investments our customers make by taking full advantage of both automatic and manual metadata we have about each document, calendar event, news article, or other piece of content. VINE lets users browse + search simultaneously through a collection of content, always seeing only those browsing refinements which would still lead to some options. This is similar to the Faceted Navigation approach used on and for retail shopping. VINE is available to all Vinq consulting customers.
We developed V-Traffic to help content managers visualize the traffic to their web site, understanding where people are coming from and going to from each page, right in the context of that page. V-Traffic superimposes small traffic numbers and graphs onto each page of your site, allowing you to see in an instant the traffic patterns over any period of time.
iPhone Games
Vinq developed and now hosts several of the first iPhone games.  Receiving thousands of hits per day, just days after launch these novelties remain popular. Vinq offers its skills at developing Safari web pages that are compliant with iPhone display and processing parameters to all customers who want to reach iPhone users.
Greasemap displays a context relevant map image on any web page.  Vinq developed Greasemap to assist location based services with effective real time page presentation.  Greasemap augments any web page you visit by searching the page for geocodeable addresses or other geotags. If it finds any, it automatically shows all such locations on a Google map which is injected into the page you are viewing, within an iframe from
Greasemap works with any site