Web Infrastructure - Extreme Web Applications

Vinq builds web applications to support dynamic database driven web sites for a wide array of applications, styles and scales.  Vinq's content management solutions include intelligent service options for context sensitive information display as well as extensive classification and indexing capabilities.  Vinq's technical capabilities support a wide array of client needs including optimized search and e-commerce.  Two of our cornerstone capabilities are Vinq CMS and VINE, Vinq Indexing and Navigation Engine.
Vinq CMS
We create content management systems with powerful administrative tools that are easy to use. Our CMS solutions include:
  • Document Publishing, Indexing and Classification
  • Content Scraping Technology
  • User Driven Calendar Event Submissions, with Admin Approval
  • Expert Chat Application for Real Time Discussions and Archiving
  • Discussion Boards for Registered Users
  • Advanced Front-End Site Search using VINE
  • Multimedia File Publishing and Archiving
  • Lexis Nexis News Feed Management and Automation
  • Full Syndication / RSS Support
  • Newsletter Publishing and Subscriber List Management
  • Taxonomy Builder and Related Keyword Support
Vinq's proprietary technology VINE can automatically index and classify a large collection of documents based on efficient related terms and natural queries provided by an editor. We help our customers to manage and process tens of thousands of documents, calendar events, news articles and other content, providing them to their users in a very intuitive way that leverages both search and browsing.