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Unique visitors, page views, application hits, traffic patterns across and within web applications are often the surest indicator of success or failure. Vinq has deep experience using web site metrics to identify service problems or needed design improvements. Vinq's sophisticated suite of analytics capabilities are available to support Vinq clients during and after project completion and can be used to validate investments to improve web services.

Vinq analytics is also used in the Discover Phase of our User Centered Design process to identify priorities and guide the design process. For example, audience segmentation by traffic volume is a proven technique for increasing site leverage and targeting.

Among Vinq's capabilities is V-traffic, a suite of leading edge tools for mapping traffic patterns within a site and graphically representing these patterns on the pages with heat maps or accompanying graphics. We developed V-Traffic to help content managers visualize the traffic to their web site, understanding where people are coming from and going to from each page, right in the context of that page. V-Traffic superimposes small traffic numbers and graphs onto each page of your site, allowing you to see in an instant the traffic patterns over any period of time.