Extreme Web Applications

Vinq has the expertise to develop web applications to meet the most stringent requirements. We use a wide array of advanced programming techniques to rapidly prototype, and develop highly scalable front and back end web applications. In addition, we will host data and web sites and we offer extensive analytic capabilities to measure every aspect of performance relative to your goals and objectives.
Here are some areas in which we can help your business grow:
  • Development of complex, database-backed web sites
  • Building new front ends / views on existing data from a database or data files
  • Design of taxonomy to help users understand the breadth of your available content
  • Faceted navigation for an elegant combination of browsing and search
  • Automatic classification of documents into a set of topics or keywords
  • Content management tools fully customized to your workflow
  • Web scraping to bring content into your site
  • Multichannel publishing, including web, email, and RSS
  • Custom application development for sophisticated one-off needs
  • Advanced visualization tools including maps, charts, scatterplots, and histograms
  • Web log analysis and reporting
  • Integration of third party software for content management, project tracking and more
  • Custom extranet applications including workflow and email integration
  • Tools for soliciting information from customers + partners into a database
  • Custom portal implementation for internet or intranet usage
  • Straightforward web site development using Dreamweaver, PHP, Perl, or straight HTML
Vinq development and engineering practices follow the highest standards in the software industry. Expert project managers guide projects through each stage of our collaborative development process. We have developed custom internal applications for tracking/reporting, data solicitation, facilities scheduling and communications with our clients. For more information on Vinq project management practices, please visit our project management tools page.