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User Centered Design

We apply our User Centered Design process to the design of your applications to ensure a perfect fit for your end-users. Web applications that seek to deliver large amounts of information need to pay particular attention to the design of the user experience in order to meet the needs of their valuable users. We work with you to Discover their needs, Define user interfaces that meet those needs well, and Design web applications that make you successful.

Vinq also provides accessibility services for the growing population that needs screen reader assistance to use the web. We offer an array of Federal Section 508 compliance services.

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Extreme Web Applications

We build, and measure highly scalable, high performance web applications. The internet creates access to huge amounts of data in many different forms: articles, news feeds, case studies, blogs, wikis, video, and content from databases and other web sites. A typical web site has 273 pages. Vinq clients commonly have 15,000 pages.

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Vinq has been awarded two new government contracts and has had a significant contract award level increased by the National Institutes of Health.

Vinq has been awarded GSA Schedule GS35F0333U by the General Services Administration. Under this contract Vinq is offering its high value design and extreme web application development capabilities to US Federal Government Agencies... More

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